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The Pitch Pines was founded in 2016 by Brian, Marisa, and Patrick Corry. We wanted to form a group to provide a mellow and diverse repertoire of acoustic covers for local venues and parties and have fun in the process! Our music incorporates 3-part vocal harmony, flowing improvisational jams, and rhythmic strumming. Our unique arrangements of classic covers are never the same performance twice. We love to take requests and interact with fellow music lovers!

(Banjo) Brian  Corry

Bandleader, Lead Vocal, Rhythm Guitar 

​Brian is a vocalist, multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, and all around music enthusiast. He plays trumpet, banjo, drums, and guitar. Brian brings local musicians together by hosting Open Mic Nights and Karaoke Nights in addition to participating in a variety of local jams. He has been performing a large repertoire of classic covers in South Jersey music scene for 7 years. He also is the band leader of his electric band, Mums The Word, which primarily showcases his original music.

Marisa Corry

Keyboard, Backing Vocals

Marisa began taking piano lessons at age 5. She has been involved in music her whole life in many forms. Marisa graduated from West Chester University with a Bachelor degree in Music in 2012. Besides playing the piano, Marisa loves to sing. She is the choral director and general music teacher at a local elementary school. Marisa combines her classical piano technique with rock to create a unique sound. She incorporates electric piano, clavichord, Hammond B-3, and synth sounds into her music.

Jason Hosier

Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals

Jason's guitar playing is truly something to witness first hand.  Often compared to other virtuosos of the instrument, his Jazz Fusion/Blues Rock stylings lend a great deal to Mums the Word's unique sound.  Having studied the instrument for more than half his life. He has participates in many projects including: The Sakima Connection and Mums The Word. Besides playing and spending time with his friends, Jason enjoys traveling.

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